Business Summary

Registration details

  • Non -profit organisation registration: 028-184-NPO (Formerly known as “The Archimedes Foundation” ) (Department of Social Development)
  • Public Benefit organisation registration no: 930010701 (SARS)
  • Tax exemption registration: PM020/07/04 (SARS)
  • Section 18A (SARS)
  • South African Patent registration no: 2003/4236
  • SA Trademarks register : 2003/09238 & 2003/09239
  • PCT PATENT registration :PCT/IB2004/001752

The Application
There is no doubt that innovation and sustainability are recognised internationally as the most critical ingredients for global competitiveness. Round Up Foundation believes that the e-tin system of electronic fund collections, which is piloted in South Africa, can, after a trial period, be utilised internationally and become a meaningful contributor to the realisation of the Global Millennium Development Goals.

International Fund collections will be directed to own or other countries’ charitable organisations. It is acknowledged that the e-tin mechanism can provide a significant percentage of the Global middle-class population (persons who have access to energy, water and communications) with the facility to contribute potentially vast sums of money, as electronic ‘small change’, to charitable causes and organisations. The e-tin system would generate reliable flows of funds that could be allocated to competent charitable organisations – performance based and in accordance with Consumer and Service Provider choice.

Round Up Primary Business Function

To provide an electronic collection and distribution mechanism for large amounts of money, on a regular basis. The main source of funding via the e-tin mechanism will be made up of small amounts of money from the rounding of Service Provider’s consumer accounts, electronic banking, billing and payment facilities, or retail till points.

The funds will be received from many different electronic sources and distributed electronically to accredited not-for-profit organisations. The e-tin operating system will ensure and maintain the integrity and security of data and relationships between the Service Provider, Beneficiary and Member/Consumer, and provide the correct standards of governance, financial, security and reporting functionality. In addition, the e-tin system will be able to receive data from different sources, validate this data and provide statistical information, tax certificates, audit reports and other business information.

Individual member/consumers will be provided with the functionality to select his/her own personal choice of charity from a comprehensive, accredited list of organisations and his/her small contribution allocated to the selected organisation. This method of fund collection will provide a source of regular income that will take the not-for-profit sector to another level – one that puts these organisations on a business platform that will allow sustainability, forward planning, capacity building and performance based.

The Round Up e-tin System

Will provide an electronic collection method that has low processing costs, with reliance on as much automation as possible that will be robust and allow for on-going development and enhancements and provide the required functionality, together with a procedural tool-kit, to be easily rolled-out to international users.

Round Up Provides

  • A tool for establishing sustainable Social Responsibility Partnerships.
  • A unique valued added offering which creates the means for Collection Partners to enable consumers to donate small sums of money to hundreds of accredited not-for-profit organisations on a regular basis, reaching into consumer communities and increasing social responsibility profiles
  • An annuity income to the not-for-profit sector that will provide sustainability and encourage and allow for BBP, capacity building and long term planning
  • The processing systems infrastructure to receive funds from large billing Collection Partners; to agglomerate and distribute these funds to specified not-for-profit organisations selected by Collection Partners or individual consumers
  • The potential for this fundraising mechanism to be used by the global community

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