Round Up welcomes you to join as a member of our growing community.

• Join as an individual donor or Company donor and you will be able to support a large variety of worthwhile causes listed on the database.
• OR Join as a Beneficiary, by registering your NPO as a potential recipient of funds
• OR Join as a Collection Partner to enable electronic small change collection for good in your business.

You can also cast your vote on our advocacy programme to lobby for a “round up” wherever we transact… a few cents here and there, may never add up to more than a few rand per month, but the remarkable power of small change enable your cents to make a huge difference!

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Round Up and e-tin makes various collection opportunities available to individual donors. All collection opportunities are technology driven – to collect electronic small change’’ in a cost-effective manner. Your Service provider (financial institution / utility company / retail store/ telephone etc will approach you for permission to ‘round-up’ your account at the end of each month. Giving in this clever way is as easy as:

• Giving your permission and remembering to give a few cents every time you shop, wherever you see the e-tin enabled
• Ticking the block and signing to allow the Company to round-up your account (NB : you can ask a service provider to discontinue the rounding at any time – it is always your choice!)
• You have the option to nominate a registered beneficiary(s) of your choice by identifying yourself / your Service Providers (who may already be Collection Partners, or who are pending becoming a collection partner) and your beneficiary selection on the website.

Joining is as easy as 1…2…3…
1: Register on our database
2. Nominate your accounts
3. Specify your beneficiary
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Any non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation registered with the SA department of Social Welfare and Development is automatically eligible for beneficiary status. The beneficiary will be required to submit an application form that is subject to a process of assessment and review. Only approved applications are eligible for consideration of funding via Round Up Foundation. The Round Up Foundation does not guarantee funds to any organisation. 

Round Up Foundation acts as an intermediary between donors and beneficiaries and therefore NPO’s should not rely on this funding for core operating needs. Round Up Foundation cannot guarantee ongoing support, as donors have the choice of the organisations that they will fund. Donations and funding are not considered for political parties, religions, or for any for-profit organisations or any project/activity/organisation that has objectives infringing on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of South Africa, or the Laws of South Africa or any other country. All beneficiaries are contractually obliged to report on the usage of funds. 

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