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Round Up and e-tin makes various collection opportunities available to individual donors. All collection opportunities are technology driven – to collect electronic small change’’ in a cost-effective manner. Your Service provider (financial institution / utility company / retail store/ telephone etc will approach you for permission to ‘round-up’ your account at the end of each month. Giving in this clever way is as easy as:

• Giving your permission and remembering to give a few cents every time you shop, wherever you see the e-tin enabled
• Ticking the block and signing to allow the Company to round-up your account (NB : you can ask a service provider to discontinue the rounding at any time – it is always your choice!)
• You have the option to nominate a registered beneficiary(s) of your choice by identifying yourself / your Service Providers (who may already be Collection Partners, or who are pending becoming a collection partner) and your beneficiary selection on the website.

Joining is as easy as 1…2…3…
1: Register on our database
2. Nominate your accounts
3. Specify your beneficiary

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